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Design, Engineer & Manufacture High Performance Subaru Products.


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Provide Products with Class Leading Performance, Quality and Value.



ALL Killer B Motorsport products come with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects.




NEW Products! WRX/STi V2 High Performance Oil Pan; holds more oil fits more model years. Oil Baffle Windage Tray and COMBOS for your street or track setup!

Subaru WRX/STi Ultimate Oil Pickup. Uncompromised performance and durability.


THE solution to OEM Oil Pickup failure

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The Oil Pickup Story


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We primarily service the Subaru community, specifically the Subaru WRX and STi models. Some of our parts can be used on Subaru Legacy and Forester models.

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Killer B Motorsport Design and Manufactures Aftermarket Performance Subaru Impreze WRX and STI parts

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